• Journaling

    Embrace the New Year with Journaling

    Unlock Your Path to Manifestation As we step into the new year, it’s a time brimming with possibilities and opportunities. It’s a blank canvas waiting for us to paint our dreams and aspirations. For decades, I’ve found solace and direction in a simple yet powerful tool – journaling. Today, I want to share with you how this practice has transformed my life and how it can do the same for you. The Power of Journaling Journaling isn’t just about recording daily events; it’s a journey into self-discovery and intention setting. It has been my steadfast companion, helping me navigate the highs and lows of life. Through journaling, I’ve learned to…

  • From Passion to Profit
    Career + Business

    Turning Your Passion into Profit: How To

    Charting Your Path with Purpose Embarking on the journey of turning your passion into a profitable business is not just a venture; it’s a personal revolution. Especially for women over 40, this journey symbolizes a harmonious blend of life experiences with burgeoning aspirations. Whether you’re fully aware of your passion or still uncovering it, the pathway from passion to profit is rich with possibility. Let’s explore how you can unearth your passion, merge it with your skills, and strategically navigate this exciting venture. Discovering Your Passion 1. Introspective Exploration Sometimes, our true passions lie dormant, awaiting discovery. Reflect on those moments that bring you joy and fulfillment. What activities invigorate…

  • Celebrate You

    Celebrating Your Accomplishments

    The Importance of Honoring Yourself As we journey through life, especially as women over 40, we often find ourselves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Amidst this hustle, it’s easy to overlook our own achievements. However, celebrating your accomplishments is not just a joyous affair; it’s a crucial aspect of personal growth and self-care. Celebrating your accomplishments matter because it boosts self-esteem and confidence, encourages, future success, promotes well-being and mental health, inspires others, and creates lasting memories. In this article we will dig deeper into the reasons why celebrating your accomplishments matter and how to celebrate your celebrate your accomplishments.  Why Celebrating Your Accomplishments Matters: Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence: Narrative:…

  • Mindset Affirmation
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    Reinforcing a Positive Mind

    Each day we wake up and step out into the world where we’re confronted with the opinions and thoughts of everyone around us. It takes effort to block out negative thoughts and focus on the positive thoughts. Studies show that a positive mind can improve your mental health and can strengthen your immune system. Sometimes we need a little assistance to see the positive things around us. That’s why we’ve introduced the Mindset Affirmation card set. The set includes a collection of 31 affirmation cards. Each card includes a unique affirmation that promotes a positive mindset. Download your copy of the affirmation cards for FREE! Use these cards on any…

  • Losing your shit

    Losing Your Shit: Learn to Think Before You React

    Ever had a time in your life that you were so angry that you lost your cool before you could form a rational thought? I have. Most people have had at least one of those moments in their lives. Most of the time it’s not something we’re proud of, however, we knew after we did it, we may have made a different decision if a moment of clarity showed up first. This is what many call, losing your shit. Going HAM or better known as hard as a mutha. Opening a can of whoop ass. Kicking ass and taking names. Losing your shit can come in many forms. On March…

  • New Year / New Healing
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    New Year / New Healing

    At the start of every new year, everyone is looking for something new to explore or accomplish. Every year I start off with a list of things I want to get done. There was always one thing that I never put on the list even though I carried it with me year after year. Trauma. But this year I decided it was time to do something different that would change my life forever. We all have some trauma Everyone has dealt with some level of trauma in life. Even if we do not acknowledge our trauma, it will follow us and serve as a daily reminder of our past. Trauma…

  • Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned: What I Learned This Year

    I made it! Another year is almost over and frankly I cannot wait. 2021 has been the year that has tested so many people personally and professionally. A new president was sworn into office, crazy weather events happened across the country, and coronavirus continued to disturb the regular routines of life. Despite all of that, I learned so many things of value this year that will serve me well for 2022 and beyond.   Someone once told me that difficult times that end in a lesson are blessings. For many years I did not understand that statement because when you are going through tough times, you do not see a…

  • Health + Wellness,  Lifestyle

    8 Signs You Seriously Need a Break to Recharge

    Life can become a collection of responsibilities and never-ending tasks. At some point you need to take a moment to recharge so that you can continue this thing called life. At times it can be difficult to know when you need a break, but it is crucial to know the signs. Knowing when to stop and recharge can be the difference between success or failure. 8 signs you seriously need a break to recharge are: Always tired Unable to find joy in the things you used to love Lack motivation Easily triggered (short-tempered) Unable to sleep Neglecting yourself Unable to focus Health issues start to appear Learn more about the…

  • How to Live Life
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    Living for the Gram: How to Start Living for You and Not for Likes

    Social media is everywhere, and everyone is telling their own personal story on a continuous loop that can be accessed anytime of the day. In the beginning, social media was a way to connect with the world, however, now it has become a place full of fantasies and unachievable expectations. Many of us have gotten caught up in the cycle of trying to keep up with the lives we see online, but we do not realize we are chasing ghosts. Taking the time to create and promote an online life stops you from living a real life. You are consumed with obtaining likes and comments instead of consuming yourself with…

  • Never settle for less than you deserve

    Six Reasons Not to Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

    Many of us spend years chasing our goals and dreams but sometimes difficult situations and obstacles can change our mindset in ways that change our focus. We accept the reality that things we wanted out of our lives have not materialized because of the choices we did make or chose not to make. Then, we settle for whatever our lives are at that moment and possibly give up on all the things we told ourselves that we wanted. Settling for less than what you want and deserve is a recipe for mediocrity. Six reasons not to settle for less than what you deserve are: It is a waste of time.…