Never settle for less than you deserve

Six Reasons Not to Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

Many of us spend years chasing our goals and dreams but sometimes difficult situations and obstacles can change our mindset in ways that change our focus. We accept the reality that things we wanted out of our lives have not materialized because of the choices we did make or chose not to make. Then, we settle for whatever our lives are at that moment and possibly give up on all the things we told ourselves that we wanted.

Settling for less than what you want and deserve is a recipe for mediocrity.

Six reasons not to settle for less than what you deserve are:

  1. It is a waste of time.
  2. Creates regret.
  3. Creates self-doubt.
  4. Not living to your full potential.
  5. Robs you of true happiness.
  6. Delay success.

What is settling?

When you choose to take anything less than what you really wanted, that means you have decided to give up on what you really want for whatever alternative is available at the time. Yes, settling is a choice. At that time, you decided that everything that meant something to you is not a priority. That does not make you a bad person, it means that somewhere along the way you lost focus and decided to take something less than what you really deserve.

Settling is a waste of time.

Time is one of those elements that once you use it, you can never get it again. Since time cannot be replaced, it is important for you to stay focused and strong when it comes to what you really deserve. Settling puts you in a position that all the time and energy you invested will feel like it was a waste.

When you stay true to yourself and stay focused on what you deserve, even if you fail you know there are lessons you can learn from the time you invested. Understanding your time did not go to waste and staying focused, can help you when you try again so you are more likely to be successful. If you settle you cannot learn the lesson so that you can keep going until you get what you deserve.

Settling creates regret.

Settling creates regret

Settling for less than what you deserve creates regret for all the choices that you did make and all the choices that you did not make. Living with regret is like having a wound. Every time the wound is almost at a point of healing, you rip the scab off and start the process all over again. You do not have to live a life thinking about what could have been if only you would have kept trying.

If you lose focus regarding what should be important to you, you will always have moments of regret. Do not think about it, do it. Do not put the energy into living with regret or even dying with regret. It is better to have been here and know that you have tried, even if you failed.

Settling creates self-doubt.

There are so many things around us that tap into our insecurities to create self-doubt. You never want to be the reason why you do not trust and believe in your abilities. If you make a choice to settle for less than what you deserve, it will start to create moments where you begin to doubt yourself and your capabilities because you have already made a choice to accept less than what you deserve.

Self-doubt can be a dream killer. Do not help self-doubt kill your dreams and your mindset by giving up and settling for less than what you deserve. Fight and defend for what you believe in and deserve. If you make the choice to stay focused you will accomplish what you desire.

Settling means not living to your full potential.

You can do great things, even things you think you are not able to do. When you settle for anything less than what you deserve it means you are not living to your full potential. All the things you could have accomplished or places you could have visited are waiting for you.

Our lives are as great as we choose to make them. Do not wait another day to live with the purpose in which you were born. You CAN do it!

Settling robs you of happiness.

Settling will rob you of your happniess

True happiness is when you feel a sense of joy and satisfaction. When you settle for less than you deserve, you rob yourself of happiness and joy. You have this one life to live, so why not live a happy life?

Settling takes away your happiness and satisfaction. Defend your dreams and goals so that you do not rob yourself of the happiness that can make life a little sweeter each day.

Settling delays success.

The moment you have decided to settle for less than you deserve, the choice has been made to delay accomplishing anything of value. For each day you wait, there is another day success could have been reached but time was wasted.

Do not allow your fear and judgment from others to block your progress. YOU deserve success. YOU possess the skills and abilities to be successful. You do not have to be a spectator in life watching others obtain the success you desire for yourself. The time you spend waiting and watching other people reach the success is time you could have invested in you!

The life we choose to live can be great or difficult but ultimately the quality of life is a personal choice. You can choose the life you want to live. You are not just a spectator but the director of your life. Never settle for less than what you deserve. You are worthy of the good things your life has to offer, now its time to go out and make them happen!

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