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Can Meditation Change Your Life?

Meditation is a tool for wellness that is proven to change us both physically and mentally. Meditation interrupts a continuous conversation we have with ourselves which is usually negative. Can meditation change your life?

Meditation can change your life by:

  • Increasing your attention span resulting in a more disciplined mind
  • Better control over your emotions
  • Increased self-awareness
  • A more peaceful life
  • Improves your self-confidence
  • Reduces overthinking and stress

Let’s dig a little deeper into how meditation can change your life forever.

Increased attention span

Meditation can change your life by resulting in a more disciplined mind, also known as an increased attention span. Meditation allows you to manage your thoughts and target your attention intentionally. When your mind is settled you are able to see more.

Studies have shown that daily meditation helps increase focus and concentration, allowing you to see things better. Increased perception helps you pay attention longer. This allows you to use your mind like a flashlight. Where we pay attention also determines our experience.

Better control over emotions

Feel the feeling but don't let it consume you

Sometimes emotions can be very difficult to control and manage. When emotions start to take control over us as an individual, it stands in the way of our progress and growth. Meditation allows you to see your emotions for what they are.

Instead of focusing on the emotion and staying stuck in that space, we seek to change our relationship with that emotion instead of letting it consume us. This doesn’t mean that at times you won’t feel angry, sad, or frustrated. It means that you are better equipped mentally to eliminate that feeling and not allow it to consume you and you stay stuck in a perpetual cycle of suffering.

Increased self-reflection

Taking personal inventory looking at your life for what it is can be really tough for some people to digest. Meditation is extremely helpful when it comes to taking self inventory and taking the time to do some reflection is good. Self-reflection is essential to your survival.

When you’re meditating, you’re able to take yourself through the self-reflection process which involves looking at your life in order to gain a better understanding of self. It helps you acknowledge and engage in the present moment.

During meditation, you’re able to be more present with what’s going on in your life right now. This means if things are going really well you’re able to cherish and understand those moments and appreciate the work that you’ve done. When life isn’t going so well, that time of self-reflection allows you to look at the situation with no blinders and complete clarity. This helps you identify the next strategic move that you need to make to get your desired result.

A happier life

Meditation can increase your happiness which can make you more appreciative for the life that you’ve lived. You’re able to be at peace with yourself instead of constantly being at war or beating yourself down. This is the time you are really able to tap into your true potential.

If you’ve implemented meditation into your life consistently, you gain an understanding that happiness is something that must start inside of you and cannot be gained from an external force. You’re able to see and understand why happiness is not just a state of being for you but it is a piece of who you are. You will work to protect that happiness and be mindful of any energies or individuals that may always seek to disrupt that happy life.

Happiness is a state of mind and meditation helps to improve your state of mind which leads to a happier life. Being mindful of the life you envision for yourself brings you one step closer to manifesting the life you desire.

Boost your confidence and increases self-esteem

You got this!

We get so much noise coming from our environment and from within ourselves that over time hearing those things repeatedly can chip away at your self-esteem. Meditation gives you an opportunity to sit still with yourself and remove those negative thoughts and live to your fullest potential.

When you’re alone with yourself, you’re able to celebrate and concentrate on all the attributes that you possess that make you awesome. You’re also able to take some time to reflect on things you know need work. All of this is so that you can believe the good things about yourself that other people have said to you for so long.

So many of us spend a lot of time encouraging others and making sure everyone else has the encouragement to push beyond their barriers. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. Meditation puts us at the forefront as a priority so that we remember how awesome we are and continue to build up that confidence and self-esteem that is not based on external but instead internal factors.

Over-thinking and stress

Sometimes you might spend time over-thinking situations and standing in your own way. Meditation stops all of that external noise so that you can be more calm and centered even when there’s a lot of chaos going on around you.

When you’re more calm than centered, you’re better able to react to stressful situations without allowing the emotions associated with stress to consume you instead of practicing the patience and compassion with yourself that you deserve during moments of stress.

Meditation will also help protect your headspace and make your actions more purposeful especially in difficult situations. Incorporating meditation into your life doesn’t mean you won’t over-think or experience stress, but you will have the tools to navigate through the difficult situations.

Being alone with yourself and your thoughts is not or does not start off as an easy process. Over time the more you meditate, you become an expert in you. Your energy levels will increase, your memory will get sharper, and you’ll more easily be able to connect with your surroundings.

When you’re at peace with you it’s really hard to be in conflict with anyone else. Can meditation really change a person? Yes. Meditation can really change a person and certainly for the better.

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