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    10 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous Of You

    A friend is someone you have a mutual affection or special bond. Friends are human and they have feelings too and sometimes those feelings aren’t easy to admit. Feelings of jealousy and resentment are normal but what someone does with those feelings is important. Jealousy involves negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, anxiety, fear, and resentment. The issue isn’t really with you but with their own lives projected onto you. It’s important to know when the dynamics of a friendship has changed, especially if signs of jealousy have been exhibited more than one time. Information is power. Learn more about the 10 signs your friend is jealous of you.  1.…

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    10 Reasons Why Life Begins at 40

    When you hit the age of 40 it’s a huge milestone into the next phase of life. Before 40 you’re learning life and making huge sacrifices trying to figure out who you are. Stepping out into the independence of life in the first phase of life was awesome but once we hit 40 some things just come into alignment. Life begins at 40 because it may be the first time you realize that all the hard work you’ve done has been worth it. There are several components of your life that come together during this time that influence the next phase of your life. Here are 10 reasons why life…

  • Do you always have to be the bigger person?

    Why Do I Always Have To Be The Bigger Person

    Many times in life everyone is tested with difficult situations involving difficult people and how we respond impacts our lives instantly and can be lasting. There are moments you will advocate for yourself in the loudest voice possible and there are other times you will need to choose to be the bigger person and move beyond the moment. You are not required to rise above every moment every time and be the bigger person. Being the bigger person is not something done out of obligation but rather to free yourself of participating in negative behavior. Finding the right balance to identify when it’s appropriate to rise above the negativity and…