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How to Find Time for Yourself During COVID

It’s been five months since COVID-19 started to change how all of us live our daily lives. It stopped the daily schedule of wake up, go to work, go home, eat dinner, rinse and repeat. 

Since summer 2020 has officially been canceled, everyone is home so its tough to get ME time. Is it even possible to get ME time in the age of COVID? The answer is YES!!!!!

Carving out time for yourself has to be prioritized and planned like any other important activity. A house full of people allows for some creative opportunities to develop new and interesting ways to get quality time alone.

Woman enjoying me time

Manage your space

Make the most out of the space you have. If you haven’t figured out how to maximize your living space there will never be enough room for everyone. Find a quiet corner near a window to enjoy a cup of tea or go outside and sit and enjoy the sights of nature. 

Rearrange a small area to create a private space using dividers or curtains. This space can be shared but you can designate it as your area during specific days or time periods. This allows everyone in the home to have access to a quiet space that belongs to them without interruption. 

Take a long bath

Take an extra long bath in the middle of the afternoon just because. A bath filled with essential oils or your favorite bubble bath while playing soft music can be relaxing. If you need to lock the door to ensure you get the privacy you deserve, DO IT. 

Other ideas for ME time

Go for a walk or work outside in your garden. Sit in a quiet place and read a book or watch a movie. Write a movie. Write a book. Start a business. Meditate. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you. Take a selfie or do a fun dance. The point is DO YOU.

Woman writing in journal

Do whatever is required to not lose yourself and that beauty and sparkle that’s you. Do a little bit of that each and every day and you’ll see the difference. At least once the COVID lock down is over, you’ll come out of it loving yourself more than you ever did before. This sets the example for others to follow.

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