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Five Tips to Create a Motivational Home Office

Working each day in your home office can become boring and routine. Sometimes you’ll need to update your home office to motivate you. A home office should be a comfortable space that isn’t your bed but it needs to encourage and motivate you to do exciting things everyday.

A motivational home office can be created by picking a good location, natural light for inspiration, motivational pictures and art, plants, and good comfortable furniture. Using all or some of these ideas can instantly turn a home office into an entirely new space.

Pick a good location

A good location needs to include the least amount of distractions so you can focus. The location also needs to motivate you to crush your to-do list.

Use your space creatively. You don’t need a large office space to have a good location. Make sure you have a location that’s yours when you’re working, even if it’s temporary.

Set up a small space on a table in your dining room but make sure you have a container to pack up your materials at the end of the work day. Or place a small desk or table in the corner of a room separated from everything else using a small partition or curtain.

Natural light is your best friend

There’s something special about sunlight that just brings the best out of people. Sit your desk by a nice big window. If you don’t have a window, get a good lamp.

Lighting is key to brightening a drab dark room and can spark inspiration. 

Motivational pictures and art

Your environment plays a huge role in your mindset. You should feel motivated and inspired each day you walk into your home office. 

Frame a cover from your favorite magazine, hang a photo of someone who inspires you, or get a favorite quote printed and framed. Pick things that spark a positive emotional reaction out of you each time you see them. 

Plants makes spaces blossom

Home Office PlantPlants make people happier. Studies have proven indoor plants can boost your mood in an inexpensive way. For example, a small succulent or a vase of flowers change the energy of your space. It doesn’t have to be large to make an impact.

Pick the right plant for your home office environment. Plants provide a stress-free home office hobby that allows you to watch something grow and develop over time simultaneously right along with you.

If your office has little to no natural light, plants may have a problem getting enough light and moisture. This could cause mold and fungus and end up killing your plants and polluting the air you’re breathing. 

Good furniture is a must

Good office furniture doesn’t need to be expensive but it must be comfortable. An uncomfortable chair or a table that sits too low can make it really hard to focus and to stay motivated. Make sure whatever furniture you use helps you feel excited about each day you enter your home office.

Purchase an inspiration piece of furniture so that each time you enter your home office it inspires and motivates you.  Try a unique style or a vibrant colored desk. Try a whole new spin by converting an old piece of furniture into a unique and special piece that only you own. 

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