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How to Stop Depending on People for Your Happiness

Happiness is a feeling that once you capture it you know that you have it. Happiness is something that isn’t possessed by everyone but many seek to destroy it in others. It’s important to understand that being happy doesn’t have to involve other people.

Stop depending on people for your happiness by learning to accept yourself, spending quality time with yourself, and removing or limiting your time on social media. Doing those things each day leads to an improvement in the quality of your life and truly brings you sustained happiness.

Why others can’t give you happiness

When you depend on other people for your happiness it takes control from you and gives it to the other person. Your happiness becomes codependent on another individual instead of yourself.

Any feeling of happiness you feel when you’re with other people is creating temporary happiness. You will never sustain long-term happiness always looking to receive it through someone else.

People cannot give you what they do not possess. If an individual isn’t happy with themselves, they will never bring you happiness. They will give you the same level of unhappiness and distrust with yourself that they possess.

Be in control of your own happiness. You are the only person you have complete control over.

Learn to accept yourself

Knowing and accepting yourself for all of your assets and flaws can be difficult but it is necessary. If you don’t become honest with yourself and your feelings you can never really be happy. Be your own best friend.

Acknowledge and accept your feelings no matter what they are. Everything you feel will not be positive and uplifting. There will be moments you will feel less than, let down, and disappointed. Feel those emotions.

Connecting and acknowledging your emotions allows you to discover the root causes of your feelings. Do the work to change things for the future. You cannot change anything you are not willing to acknowledge.

Everyone wants to love and receive love in return but love starts with self. Identify negative thoughts and work to change them. Negative thoughts do not evaporate because you choose not to acknowledge they exist.

Learning to accept yourself gives you the confidence and power to know your self worth is not determined by the opinions of others. Expect more from yourself. Expect less from others. When you know yourself and accept yourself for who you are, nothing anybody else thinks about you can change how you see yourself.

Spend quality time with yourself

Spending time alone is important, however, all the time you spend with yourself is not quality time. It is nice to relax and watch TV or YouTube and zone out sometimes, however, it’s important to use some of your alone time as an opportunity for self improvement.

Meditation is a great way to spend quality time with yourself while doing some self reflection. Meditation allows you to sit still with yourself to clear your head in order to connect with your emotions and feelings.

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One of the awesome benefits of meditation is it allows you to focus on the present and acknowledge your feelings and work to reduce negative emotions. It costs you nothing to get started but your time and commitment.

Take yourself out on a date from time to time. Treat yourself better than you’re treating everybody else. Be selfish sometimes.

It’s important to understand we are the first people in our lives that we need to love unconditionally and treat with love, care, and attention. Go out to a movie, take yourself to dinner, go to a museum, or even go on a vacation.

Find a hobby you like and indulge in it. If you have always loved music, learn to play piano. Learn to paint your own masterpiece, write a book or start a garden. A hobby is a wonderful way to connect with yourself while also working to improve yourself.

Self improvement increases your confidence and your happiness. When you invest in yourself it improves how you perceive yourself and increases love for yourself each day.

Remove or limit your time on social media

Social media is the land of fantasy and make-believe where people pretend to be perfect or are in complete pieces. The extremes can skew how you see yourself when you participate in that environment longer than necessary.

The internet can build you up and tear you down within the same moment. The internet is an awesome place but should be discovered with care. Negative imaging is all over the internet and the more you see the more you believe.

Identify specific time or days you choose to engage in social media. We are what we consume. If all you see are things that continue to create and reinforce negative thoughts in your own mind, those things should be removed.

Your first priority is you. You are not required have to prove your worth to anyone but yourself.

Use your own mirror to get the validation that you need from yourself daily, instead of your friends list.

Obtaining and sustaining happiness requires work that you must be willing to do for yourself. Happiness is internal and cannot be manufactured externally. Avoid the codependency of meeting people to make you feel like you are worthy of love and attention.

You are worthy. Remind yourself of that daily.

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When you invest in the life around you, it looks better to you. Remind yourself that everything you have and need is within you. No one owes you anything, we owe everything to ourselves.

Find happiness within yourself. Happiness is an inside job and the greatest relationship you could ever have is with yourself. Invest in you, learn to accept yourself, spend quality time with yourself, and remove any of those negative elements that work hard to tear you down.

Why? Because you want to be happy.

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